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+Cine Film Emulation Plugin for Photoshop

Looking to add some character to your digital images? Our +Cine Film Emulation plugin for Photoshop gives you the tools you need to achieve a perfect vintage film look. Realistic grain, halation effects, and basic adjustments give you maximum flexibility and artistic control.



+Cine Film Emulation Plugin.ccx

***Please note that the +Cine Film Emulation plugin is not compatible with the Photoshop mobile version.


Update Log:

April 4 2023 - v1.2.1
- Grain effect now applies to the topmost layer: Regardless of which layer is selected, the grain effect will now be applied to the topmost layer.

April 1 2023 - v1.2
- Real-time preview: Users no longer need to press the update button each time they change a value. The effect will now update in real-time as adjustments are made.
- Manual has been updated to reflect these changes and new features.

March 1, 2023 - v1.1
- Added presets for halation effects in different colors, including "Classic Red," "Golden Aura," "Halo," and "Azure Glow."
- Added opacity adjustment to allow users to control the strength of the halation effect.

Feb 15, 2023 - v1.01
- Revised the installation and usage instructions, based on feedback and recommendations from users.

January 15, 2023 - v1.0
- Users can now apply the halation effect directly to any selected layer, without the need for a locked background layer as in the previous version.