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+Cine Cinematic Presets

  • Transform your pictures with a single click of a button with the +Cine cinematic presets. Instantly adding that warm, dreamy film effect on all your favourite snaps. Inspired by that famous analog film feel, bring back the good old times and get instant nostalgia at the click of a button, it’s really that simple. The final missing piece of your photography puzzle is only a click away. 

    10 presets, 10 different styles, 1 bundle. Explicitly designed to bring back the aesthetics of film. Save time and effort and replace it with breathtaking presets. Film on-demand, all you have to do is click a button. 

    Easy adjustable, whether you are looking for subtlety or a full-blown film effect, we have got you covered, simply adjust the level to your liking, and voila! Not to mention that your highlights will never clip, retaining quality all the way. 

    The science behind the magic? We use real film colour profiles; this allows our presets to be scarily similar to those taken on film. You truly will not be be able to see the difference. Not to mention you also avoid all the extra hassle and waiting time involved with shooting and developing film!