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+Cine WeddingX Presets

  • Wedding Presets for Adobe Lightroom and Capture One, inspired by the aesthetics of films from Kodak and Fuji.

    The presets emulate the look and feel of analog films with it’s soft, dreamy and washed out milky characteristics. Great for adding that light and warm feel to your photos.



+Cine WeddingX 01 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 01.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 01 +.xmp

+Cine WeddingX 02 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 02.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 02 +.xmp

+Cine WeddingX 03 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 03.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 03 +.xmp

+Cine WeddingX 04 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 04.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 04 +.xmp

+Cine WeddingX 05 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 05.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 05 +.xmp

+Cine WeddingX 06 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 06.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 06 +.xmp