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+Cine WeddingX Presets

Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding – and that includes perfect photos that last a lifetime. Introducing the +Cine WeddingX Presets Pack by Cinegrading, which includes six carefully crafted presets that will transform your wedding photos into soft, dreamy masterpieces with a touch of contrast, cool greens, and elegant grain that matches the look of real film.



+Cine WeddingX 01 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 01.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 01 +.xmp

+Cine WeddingX 02 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 02.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 02 +.xmp

+Cine WeddingX 03 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 03.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 03 +.xmp

+Cine WeddingX 04 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 04.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 04 +.xmp

+Cine WeddingX 05 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 05.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 05 +.xmp

+Cine WeddingX 06 -.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 06.xmp
+Cine WeddingX 06 +.xmp