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+Cine Halation Plugin for Premiere Pro

Looking to add a cinematic touch to your video footage? Our +Cine Halation plugin for Premiere Pro gives you the power to create stunning halation effects that evoke the classic beauty of traditional film. With easy-to-use controls and precise adjustments, you'll have complete creative control over the halation in your project.


In an era where digital precision dominates, our Premiere Pro plugin invites you to explore the enchanting world of traditional film, celebrated for its unique halation—a captivating, colored haze around highlights. Effortlessly achieve genuine halation glow effects with a single click, infusing your footage with the distinctive look, atmosphere, and emotion that only classic film can provide.

Precise Halation Control.

With our +Cine Halation plugin, you'll have access to customizable settings that allow you to fine-tune the intensity and radius of the halation effect. Create subtle glows or dramatic halos around highlights to enhance your footage's visual appeal.

Seamless Integration With Premiere Pro

Our plugin is designed for seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Simply apply the +Cine Halation effect to your footage and begin customizing the halation to match your desired style.



+Cine Halation Plugin For Premiere Pro.zxp


Update Log:

April 17 2023 - v1.1
- The plugin now applies halation effects to edited clips: Previously, the halation effect was only applied to raw clips, but now it will be applied to edited clips as well.
- Fixed a bug where the plugin would not work on certain video formats.
- Made some UI improvements for a smoother user experience.
- Updated the manual to include information on the new changes and features.